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For the last few years, a voice has reemerged from America’s hate-filled past that is deeply rooted in a twisted view of the Christian Faith. It is tied to concepts of White Authoritarianism. It is called White Christian Nationalism.

We find ourselves in a new phase of our contestation with the anti-democratic forces of White Christian Nationalism. It is playing out in our election cycles.  Having for decades used the mechanisms of democracy to advance their anti-democratic aims, key sectors of the Right have amassed sufficient power to polarize our nation, cement lies, and encourage violence. They have mobilized a political movement that is a vehicle of oppression. This has to stop.

For many of us, as people of faith and moral courage, we know full well that this is not the story of faith. You can’t be a Christian and be a white nationalist. Perhaps for ‘such a time as this’ has POWER Interfaith been called.

Along with our sister organization POWER Interfaith, we will host  the “Freedom Express” bus tour across the State of Pennsylvania October 18th – November 4th, 2022 . This tour is about Restoring Faith in Democracy, helping people imagine a Pennsylvania where we all thrive, and calling out the bad actors financing oppression by supporting White Christian Nationalist causes.

Over the last month and a half, we have worked with POWER Clergy and Allies in every chapter to help plan every aspect of this tour. Stops are scheduled in Philadelphia, Pottstown, Bucks County, Allentown, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, with more stops added daily.

In the State of Pennsylvania, we are working to unite the Voices of people of Faith and moral courage to Dream Big, and Build a New Pennsylvania. We are also calling out the evil of White Christian Nationalism that is working to prevent that dream from becoming a reality. This only works when we choose to do it together.


How to Get Involved

Sign On

Sign on! A group of Christian Clergy, including some POWER Clergy from around PA, have put together a sign-on letter against White Christian Nationalism. This letter will be shared with the media to let Pennsylvanians know that WCN is not compatible with faithful teachings.

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Join Us!

Join us on the Freedom Express! If you are interested in riding the bus, please fill out this form. The tour will last three weeks and you can join for a shift. We would love to have you aboard.

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Support the Freedom Express! Would you be willing to make a financial donation to support the bus and its riders by donating a meal, a hotel room or sponsoring a seat on the bus? You may click here for a link to give to this effort. 

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