Faith & Safety Mayoral Candidate Forum

POWER Interfaith will gather with 60 congregations of faith from all parts of Philadelphia to talk with the 2023 Mayoral Candidates about making our communities safer. We will ask the candidates hard questions about gun violence, schools, clean air, good jobs, and housing.

“Freedom Express” Bus Tour

Along with our sister organization POWER Interfaith, we hosted the “Freedom Express” bus tour across the State of Pennsylvania from October 18th–November 4th, 2022. Our goal was to restore faith in democracy and to help people imagine a Pennsylvania where we all thrive.

Voter Engagement 2022

It is our life’s work to make sure that Black and Brown communities “Get Out To Vote” and follow through in exercising their political power. We’re speaking with OUR people about what freedom could and should look like. Our votes, our voices, and the push to reclaim our power brings us closer to that reality.

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